Manish is a retired army officer. He retired as a Lieutenant Colonel after serving for more than 20 years in uniform. Most of his military service was in J&K. In 1995, he volunteered to serve in Siachen Glacier. Apart from the glacier, he has also seen action against Pakistan in Uri, Akhnoor and Gurez sectors. During the Kargil war he was deployed in Baramulla. He has also seen action against the Chinese in Ladakh Scouts

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Is Rafale deal equivalent to liberalization of 1991?

The previous govts have failed to understand that no nation in history has become powerful by importing their defence equipment. If you do not make your own weapons, you can forget about being a major player in the world. This is so because in war, you cannot be dependent upon others to meet your urgent requirements. They may act pricey or worse, refuse to co-operate with you depending upon the geo-political situation of the their country vis-a-vis our adversary. To put things in perspective, in just the last ten years China has gone from being a weapons importer to a major exporter in the weapons bazaar of the world. It goes to show what we can achieve in just ten years.

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Video – Why was Quit India Movement of 1942 wrong?

My video on ‘Why was Quit India Movement of 1942 wrong’?