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26/11 Unforgiven (Coming Soon)

26/11 attack on Mumbai was not an isolated case. It was part of a grand design of Pakistani state which will never rest till it destroys India. Even if we gift them the state of Jammu and Kashmir, they will not stop. They will be emboldened and will aim at hoisting their flag on the Red Fort. It is a different thing that their wish will never come true. India is too strong for them. We may’ve faltered in the past by not taking the war to its logical conclusion, but not anymore.

Wars need to be prevented from taking place, but once started, they’ve to be completed. Pakistan started this war in 1947, and continued with their aggression in 1965, 1971 as well as in 1999. Each time, we responded and beat them, but did not finish the job. Even in 1971, we completed the job on the eastern front by creating Bangladesh, but failed to do so on our western front, which was more important.

These are valid arguments which need to be addressed by the establishment of the country when they’re facing the challenges posed by Vikrant Thakur, whose actions threaten to take the country to war with Pakistan. Vikrant is on a mission of his life, to seek revenge for the killing of his loved ones in 26/11 Mumbai attacks. What is his mission? Can the establishment stop him? Will Vikrant get his revenge?

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26/11 UNFORGIVEN, launch at Nagpur

As I said in my talk, wars need to be ended and not just stopped. There’s a huge difference between the two things. Had UN been around during the second world war it’d have stopped it in the middle and allowed Hitler to continue to rule Germany. God only knows how many more Jews he’d have gone on to kill. In Kashmir, we didn’t allow the war to be completed in 1947, 65, 71 as well as in 1999. And we continue to pay for that blunder. We have lost more than a hundred thousand lives since 1947 because of our problems with Pakistan. Had we allowed the war to be completed, I’m sure this issue would not have cost us this much. Stopping a war before it completes its course prolongs the pain as the issue which caused the war doesn’t go away. It lingers on and on, till it brims over once again leading to another war. This is exactly what has happened with us. Even in 1971, we completed the war on our eastern border for benefit of Bangladeshis but didn’t do it on the western borders for our own benefit.